Working Safe = Living Safe (WSLS) is an initiative of VETnetwork Australia and is funded by the Australian Government under the ‘Living Safe Together’ strategy. Working Safe = Living Safe is a program specifically designed for Australian employers which aims to help build a positive workplace environment and support young employees through mentoring. WSLS will target all industry sectors with the overarching aim of early identification and prevention of marginalisation of ‘at risk’ employees through fostering positive workplace and relationships, building resilience and increasing engagement – through workplace mentoring.

VETnetwork Australia will be facilitating two Working Safe = Living Safe workshops in each state and territory. The program involves participation in a customised workshop which will provide the skills, knowledge and resources to better support the next generation of workforce and ensure their smooth transition into the workforce. Utilising targeted mentoring; WSLS has been developed to help ‘at risk’ employees integrate successfully into the workplace and may also involve support to their employers or supervisors to encourage a positive employment relationship and better overall support.

Working Safe = Living Safe is specifically designed to support Australian employers to:

  • Build a positive workplace environment.
  • Understand the characteristics or behaviours young people exhibit when they feel vulnerable or disengaged.
  • How mentoring can be a tool or method to provide support and resilience for a young person.
  • What it means to mentor a young person and help them achieve a better outcome.

The anticipated outcomes of the project include:

  • Motivate and build the confidence of the young person to reach their full potential.
  • Be a point of contact for the young person when issues or potential issues arise in relation to their professional work experience.
  • Empower the young person with the knowledge and capacity to identify and resolve issues autonomously when they arise.
  • Encourage the young person to develop their independence and self-reliance in the workplace.
  • Identify and assist the young person to rectify problems at the earliest opportunity to ensure that they are resolved before they pose a threat.
  • Be a positive role model for the young person and facilitate the development of their skills and capabilities to handle issues impacting on their lives, effectively.

Working Safe = Living Safe workshop sessions are currently being planned for each state / territory. Please contact Michelle Campbell (Executive Manager – Programs): or Sharon Warren (Project Coordinator): or call the VETnetwork Australia National Office on (08) 8297 4533 for more information.