Date Mon 29 Feb 2016
Venue Webinar Session (National)
Format Webinar
Host VETnetwork Australia

Presented by Marc Ratcliffe, CEO, MRWED Training and Assessment

This workshop has been designed to help practitioners to create a system of assessment validation which supports quality training and assessment and continuous improvement. It will explain the steps and criteria in planning a systematic validation process and will model validation approaches that could be used in any VET environment. By the end, attendees will be able to identify relevant documentation and materials to be used/recorded as evidence of their assessment validation activities and will leave with a range of ready-to-use templates to get them started on their validation journey.

Who should attend this session:
– Administrators;
– Trainers/Assessors;
– RTO Consultants;
– Head of Deptartment/Head of Area;and
-Compliance Managers.

Key points of the presentation.
– What is assessment validation?;
– Planning a systematic validation process;
– Modelling best practice validation approaches;
– Common pitfalls and non-compliances in assessment validation;and
– Review of documents and templates to support the validation journey.

Key outcomes of the presentation.
– Define Assessment Validation;
– Identify how to plan a systematic validation process;
– Outline best-practice validation approaches;
– Discuss common pitfalls and non-compliances in assessment validation; and
– Review documents and templates to support the validation journey

About the presenter:
Marc is the founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, a private Australian registered training organization, specializing in trainer training. He is an awarding winning trainer, author and entrepreneur. He continues to push the boundaries of “edu-tainment” and believes that participant interaction and fun are integral to the learning experience. He has been involved in Workplace and Vocational Education for 23 years and has conducted more than 300 Training and Assessment courses over the past 15 years. In additional to this, he has presented training-related workshops and keynote presentations in more than a dozen countries and continues to be an in-demand speaker and workshop facilitator, boasting more than 60 appearances at conferences throughout the world.